Errors which occur during the Import will be shown in the Task Status window.
Please note the following number and reason for the error.

  • (403) Incorrect
    The permissions - Send-As and Receive-As - are missing for the intended user to access the mailboxes on the MS Exchange Server.
    Check the configuration of the user according to the document "Connecting Exchange".
  • (440) Login Timeout
    When this error occurs, you will need to change the transmission protocol from HTTP to HTTPS.
    At the same time, deactivate the form-based authentication on the Exchange Server.
  • Building message list
    ..corresponds to the status of a folder.
    Look for the following entry in the Task Log:
    27.09.2015 11:18:44 | Info | Process folder: Gesendete Elemente
    27.09.2015 11:18:44 | Error | Error while process folder: The server is unable to process the request at this time. Please try again later.
    The number of results per folder is limited.
    In the case of MS Exchange 2010 SP1, the number is limited to 1000.
    The user needs an assigned Throttling Policy with configured EWSFindCountLimit parameter
    Check the configuration of the user according to the document "Connecting Exchange"
  • Impersonation failed
    Please follow the instructions exactly as described in the document "Connecting Exchange".
    When configuring the connection to the Exchange Server, make sure that the user which is used, is not in the Admin Group and that the Impersonation Role is assigned to this user.
  • Identity Exchange Error
    This error is received from the MS Exchange Server and states that the account (ex. RdxMailDepotImporter) cannot access this particular mailbox.
    Please check the access rights of the mailbox in question..
  • The Exchange Import task doesn´t list all mailboxes
    The Mailbox query is done against ldap, this has a Default restriction of 1000 results
    Configure the LDAP Parameter MaxPageSize according to your environment
  • No mailbox assigened to the smtp address
    Check the configuration of the user according to the document "Connecting Exchange"
  • unable to open database file
    This error occurs, when the importer cannot access the workspace directory
    Please check if your virus scanner is causing this, or if the workspace directory is on a local storage (the workspace directory should not be accessed from a network share)
  • Only 1000 mailboxes are shown
    In rather big companies with more then 1000 mailboxes, the importer might only show about 1000 mailboxes at all.
    This is caused by ldap restrictions that have to be adjusted on the server.
    The value in question is called MaxPageSize with a default limit of 1000.
    The required steps to adjust this value is explained in detail by Microsoft