Best Practice

We recommend the following procedure for a successful MailDepot Import.
Additional information can be found in the "Usage" document
Install the software according to the document "Installation".
Start the software and then create a new container, found under FILE in the menu or open a previously created container.
Existing containers cannot be simultaneously open on the appliance.
The selected container needs to have been created with the MailDepot Importer program.
Create one or more tasks, found under IMPORT in the menu.
Select the method with which the mails should be imported.
If importing from a MS Exchange Server, first configure the MS Exchange Server as described in the document "Connecting Exchange".
Using the Exchange Import Wizard, you can choose between single mailboxes or multiple mailboxes to import.
4. Filter
It is recommended to use the message filter to import mails on a yearly basis
This way it is possible to create a container for each year
Further move tasks on the appliance would generate high load, which is not recommended
Container build on a yearly basis have the advantage, that they can be easily deleted when the retention time is exceeded
For the first task, click on Start prepare.
Observe the status in the right window on the screen.
At the end of the preparation cycle, evaluate the status, report, and task log.
Note any possible error messages.
Error messages are further described in "Troubleshooting"
Repeat this procedure for further tasks.
When the Prepare has successfully completed, you can start the automatic Task Scheduler under TASK.
This will start all active tasks.
Tasks which have completed the PREPARE process will e immediately imported.
You can configure concurrent tasks under EXTRA → Settings.
Check the result again after completion.
7. Move imported container
After the import process is finished, the container needs to be moved to the archive and opened in the appliance
Close the container in the MailDepot Importer (File -> Close Container)
Exit the MailDepot Importer (File -> Exit)
Move the container to the storage (this can be done via the smb share on the appliance)
Open the container in the REDDOXX Appliance