This quick guide will instruct you on how to repair a defective archive container with the help of the Archive Container Utility from REDDOXX.

* Only use this tool after receiving instructions to do so from the REDDOXX Support Team
* Close the respective container on the REDDOXX appliance before you open it with the Container Utility
* This program should not be used on terminal servers!
We cannot guarantee, if it is working properly
The utility is an administrative tool with the purpose to repair a container in the shortest time, so all free system ressources will be used, especially cpu and ram
On a terminal server, this will slow down all connected users
We recommend to use a fast and dedicated workstation in combination with the container Utility
* The container should not be opened over a network share due to the negative effects this could have on the speed of the action
When possible, install and start the Container Utility on the system on which the container is saved
* Disable the virus scanner on the system
Alternatively, you may only need to exclude the TEMP directory
The Container Utility’s directory for Temporary Files can be found in the delegated directory of the TEMP environment variable

The REDDOXX Container Utilities can be downloaded here: REDDOXX MailDepot Tools
Additionally, an adjusted DLL is required to support very large Container: FileContainerDll.zip

The following steps are required to install the Container Utilities:

  1. Start the Installation with the MSI File
  2. Accept the license Agreement
  3. Use the custom installation and select the Container Utility to be fully installed
  4. Progress with "continue"
  5. Continue with the Installation, with default paramaters, the Archive Container Utility will be installed at C:\Programs\Reddoxx\RdxContainerUtility.exe
  6. Copy the content of FileContainerDll.zip (FileContainerDll.dll) into the lib folder inside the installation Folder and replace the old FileContainerDll.dll File.

Open Container

  1. Start the tool with RdxContainerUtility.exe
  2. To open the container, select the reddoxx.rdxacs file
  3. Before you open the container, make sure that the respective container is not in use by another program or the REDDOXX appliance
  4. If the container needs a password to open, enter the password
  5. Proceed by clicking OK

Rebuild Data
By selecting the action Rebuild Data, the global index of the data files within the container will be newly generated.
This action is comparable to the reparation of a file system.
Depending upon the size of the files, the rebuild can take minutes or hours to complete.
After 1% completion, an estimation of the remaining time to complete the reparation will be displayed.

  1. Select the action "Rebuild Data"
  2. Perform the rebuild with "Start"

Re-Indexing all Messages
By selecting the action Re-Indexing all messages, a new full-text index of all files contained in the container will be generated.
All files will be read, encrypted, and newly indexed.
Depending upon the size of the files, the re-indexing can take minutes or hours to complete.
After 1% completion, an estimation of the remaining time to complete the reparation will be displayed.

  1. Select the action "Re-Indexing all messages"
  2. Perform the re-indexing with "Start"

The previous index will not be overwritten
The Container Utility generates a new index in the directory with the folder name "index.new"
After the new index has been generated, it is necessary to erase the old index in the directory and rename the "index.new" to index
Make sure that the rights and the owner of the container are identical
After remounting and opening the repaired container, check the access rights to the container through a Diagnosis Check (Hardware – Storages)
The diagnosis needs to complete successfully