Import from Office 365

To Import Office 365 Mailboxes, the Office 365 Import Wizard is used.

The following steps are required to Import from Office 365:

  1. Select Office 365 Import in the Import Menu
  2. Click next to continue.
  3. Provide your Office 365 Server credentials.
    Office 365 Server
    IP-Address or Hostname that to connecto to your Office 365 Server.
    This is usually
    Enter a user that is allowed to access all Mailboxes.
    The access permission configuration is described in the Document Connecting Exchange.
    Enter the users password.
    Connection Test:
    Click on Connection test, to verify your credentials.
  4. Click next to continue.
  5. A list with all mailboxes (the list is empty at first) that are to be imported will be shown.
    Choose between “Archive Mailbox” or “Standard Mailbox” and enter your mailboxes that need to be archived.
    Enter your Mailboxes, each Mailbox in one seperate line.
    It is possible to fetch a Mailbox list via Powershell from your Office 365 instance.
  6. With the Next button you may configure different filters.
    Each configuration step is described further down in this document.
  7. Finish the configuration with Finish and proceed with the Task Prepare / Import as described in the Best Practise Document.

The Folder Filter allows you to include or exclude certain directories and/or subdirectories during an Import cycle.
Make sure that the selected path information corresponds with previously entered subdirectories.
The folder needs to be entered relatively to the folder that was set in the path settings.
Never begin an entry with a slash (/).
A star (*) is the only symbol allowed and can be used as a wildcard

No Filter
All mails found in the selected directory will be imported.
Any further filter settings will be ignored.

Only Import the specified folders
Only the listed folder names in the selected directory will be imported.

Exclude the specified folders
The folder names listed here will be excluded from the Import.

Verify filter
Confirms which folders should be included in or excluded from the import.
The previously entered filter settings will be analyzed
All directories selected for an import will be listed together with the corresponding filter.
Under the column State, you can see if the folder will be included in or excluded from the import.
The folder structure is loaded when performing verify filter the first time.
If the folder structure is altered, you need to modify the task again to update the changes (and the folder structure).

With the Message Filter, it is possible to exclude mails which meet certain criteria, such as certain dates or size restrictions.

Only archive messages newer than
Only mails created after a certain date and time will be archived.

Only archive messages older than
Only mails created before a certain date and time will be archived.

Only archive messages with size

   greater than
   Only mails which are larger than the size entered will be archived.
   less than
   Only mails which are smaller than the size entered will be archived.

The following steps are required to create a list of available mailboxes via Powershell:

  1. Get the Addons for Powershell (Windows 7, 2008 R2):
    Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant Link
    Azure Active Directory-Modul for Windows PowerShell Link, 64BIT Link
  2. After Installation of the upper 2 Services, start the Microsoft Online Service Module for Windows Powershell
  3. Type „Connect-MsolService“ and continue with Enter
  4. Enter the Username and Password of your Mailbox Administrator.
  5. Type the following commands and make sure the provided Folder exists:
    Get-MSOLUser | select userprincipalname | Export-CSV C:\temp\Import.txt
  6. The generated List can be used (without the first 2 lines and without the brakets) to copy & paste into the importer.